How To Tell If Your Dentures Need Replacing

Five Ways to Know If Your Dentures Need to Be Replaced

Denturist working on Dentures that need to be replaced A quality set of dentures can last for many years, and possibly even a decade or more. Even so, even the best set of dentures has a limited lifespan, and when that lifespan is over, it is time to talk to your dentist about a replacement.

The good news is that modern dentures are much better, much more durable and far more natural looking than ever. If you have had your current set of dentures for years or even decades, you may be amazed at the difference a new set of dentures can make.

No matter what the age of your dentures, there are a number of things to look for, and a number of indications that your current dentures have reached the end of their useful life. Here are five signs it is time to upgrade your dentures.

#1. They Are Not Comfortable

If your dentures are not comfortable, it is time to talk to your denturist about a replacement, or at least a refitting. Your dentures should not rub against your mouth and cause pain, and they should not shift around and create sore spots in your mouth. You deserve the comfort of a well-fitted set of dentures, so talk to your denturist about it today.

#2. There Are Gaps Between Your Dentures and Your Gums

Gaps between your dentures and your mouth are an indication of poor fit, and they could mean your gums have shrunk. This means that your old dentures need to be relined or replaced. It is important to pay close attention to how your dentures fit, especially when eating, talking or laughing.

A good fitting set of dentures should fit snugly, even without any adhesive in place. It is fine to add a thin layer of quality adhesive to keep your dentures in place, however in most cases, you should not have to rely on a adhesive to stop them from falling out of your mouth.

#3. The Dentures Are Cracked

Over time, even quality dentures can develop small hairline cracks and fractures. If your dentures are cracked or otherwise compromised, it may be time for an upgrade and replacement.

Your denturist can look at your current set of dentures and determine if they can be repaired. If they can be repaired, your denturist can fix them and you can keep wearing them. If they are too far gone, your denturist can fit you for a new set of dentures, and you can regain your healthy white smile.

#4. There Are Missing Teeth

The whole purpose of dentures is to replace your compromised teeth and give you back your natural smile. If you are missing teeth, that advantage is lost.

Take a good look in the mirror with your partials inserted. If you do not like what you see, or if what you see are missing or broken teeth, it is time to talk to your denturist. In the case that your partials are still in good shape, your denturist may be able to replace or add to the partials. If not, you can be fitted for a brand new, and much more attractive, set of partials.

#5. The Plate Has Worn Thin

The teeth are only part of your dentures. The other part is the plate that holds them in place. Over time, that plate can start to wear thin, affecting the way your dentures fit and making them less comfortable than they were before.

Take a good look the next time you clean your dentures. Is the plate still in good shape, or has the opaqueness now become a transparency? If you can see through your dental plate, it is probably time for a new set of dentures.

Dentures are more than just an appliance to help you look better. Dentures are an integral part of your oral health, andplay an integral part of your self-esteem. How you look and feel will affect every aspect of your life, from interactions with your family to your performance on the job. You deserve a great set of dentures, one that mimics the look and performance of your natural teeth. Do not settle for an old set of dentures that hurt your mouth or do not fit right. If any of the five things listed above apply to your dentures, it is time to talk to one of our specialists about a replacement.

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